In 2014 INFRADANT After many years working with local Realtors and Property Management Companies as a Professional Rental Property Management and Cleaning Service we were reorganized to perform Rental Property Management, Rental House Cleaning within The Villages, Florida & Summerfield, Florida 

  • INFRADANT is employed by The Property Owner (Employer) to Manage (Employee) their Property and we are paid a Salary.

INFRADANT was founded in 2009 as a State of Florida LLC That provides Information Technology and Event Planing Services (VAR). Performing contracts for State and Federal Government.  INFRADANT was founded after the reorganization of R Trades Computer Consultant.

R Trades Computer Consultant was founded in 2003 as a State of Florida INC. R Trades Computer Consultant was formed to provide Information Technology (VAR). Performing Software, Database and Networking contracts for Small to Mid-Size Companies (SMB's). With Richard Bringing more then 25 Years of Government Information Technology Contracting Expertise and Project Management.