INFRADANT was founded in 2009 as a State of Florida LLC.
After many years working with Property Investors and Local Realtors as a Professional Rental Property Management Service.
We provide Rental Property Management Serving The Villages, Florida & Surrounding Areas

  • INFRADANT is employed by The Property Owner (Employer) to Manage (Employee) their Property and we are paid a Salary.
  • We do not take a Percentage (%) of the Owners Rent we work on a wage base for our services.
  • Our overall goal is to Maintain High Standards of Excellence in Rental Property Management Services.
  • We are the only ones that will enter the Property for all services (We do not sub-out our work unless a License Contractor is needed) we also monitor the property at all times.
  • Our clients have successfully relied upon our Leadership and Experience for winning Results, that includes our Professional Manner, Integrity, Dependable,  and Trustworthy.
  • These values creates long-term benefits for our clients and our clients customers.
  • We Provide "Real Estate & Rental Finder Services" on a wage base.